Sunday, August 14, 2011

Optical Illusion Cubes

This is another project that was adapted from an Incredible Art Department lesson.  These cubes were created by seventh and eighth graders.  We started by looking at works by Riley and Vasarely.  Once they were hooked by the idea of optical illusions, we practiced together, breaking the illusions down into easily managed steps.  From there, we branched out and looked at optical illusion pattern books to see if we could discern the tricks for designing them.  Finally, the students were asked to choose six designs, either practiced beforehand or developed as an original to create on the sides of a cube made of tag board.  The students were challenged to make the piece interesting from all sides and unified in some way.  This was another project that was a confidence booster.  The students were amazed when they nailed an illusion.  Other teachers informed me the designs were showing up on notes and homework!  Can't ask for a better compliment than that!

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