Sunday, August 14, 2011

Narrative Tiles

These tiles were created by my Ceramics 2 students at Reeths-Puffer High School in Muskegon.  The project included creating a tale to illustrate.  They learned about David Stabley's style and tried to recreate their designs mimicking his characteristics.  They had objects that broke the picture plane, used additive sculpture to create the foreground and subtractive to create the background.  They were also challenged to incorporate different textures and patterns.  The bisqued tiles were painted black and antiqued with metallic rub on glazes.  This was a new twist to the ordinary glazing techniques we had previously studied and the students were excited to try something new.


  1. Can you tell me exactly what metallic rub glazes you used.

  2. These were ordered from the Dick Blick catalogue about 5 years ago. The second year I ordered more, I couldn't find it and had to talk to the customer service rep to get some more. They come in really small tubes, about 1 ounce, but you only need the smallest amount. The kids used a dot of glaze on the end of a Qtip. One set got me through 2 classes in a semester. Hope that helps. Thanks for checking out my stuff :)
    I have also started a classroom site for my kids to keep up with bellwork and projects, handouts and such. I am in a middle school now but I've been giving them some high level stuff so it could easily be modified for HS. The site is Feel free to check it out.